Illustrations, Icons & Infographics

At Fortyfive we love using illustrations, icons, and infographics to bring a sense of personality to our designs. They are a powerful tool to help communicate ideas and also add a bit of fun!

Here is a selection of illustrations, icons, and infographics created by Fortyfive to support various design outputs from a range of clients.

Healthier Lives

Otago University

The Healthier Lives National Science Challenge is a national research collaboration dedicated to achieving healthier lives for all New Zealanders.

Fortyfive Design created these illustrations for the most recent collection of Healthier Lives Research Findings Briefs. Including illustrations adds visual appeal and helps the audience easily explore the main ideas throughout each document, above all else.


Vero New Zealand commissioned this icon series to support the release of their new Risk Flyers. The icons had to coexist with the existing Vero Icon set and use the same brand identity. The purpose of the new icons serves multiple reasons. Firstly,  to be strong enough to stand alone on individual Risk Flyers. And secondly, to work effectively with text to give clarity to the information.

You can see the icons in action here.

Royal Society Te Apārangi

Royal Society’s aim is to advance and promote science, technology, and the humanities in New Zealand. Here are some of the illustrations and infographics created by Fortyfive Design to highlight key ideas in the recent “Age of Artificial Intelligence” document and “Gene Editing” suite, in summary.

You can find more of our work for Royal Society here.