Logo Design

Shown here are examples of logo designs Fortyfive has created for a range of companies and organisations throughout New Zealand.

National Library of New Zealand 50th birthday celebration

This simple mark needed to sit comfortably with the Library’s primary brand but in a more playful and celebratory way. The overall result was a simple mark and secondary brand that was easy to apply to different formats and colour ways.

Philanthropy New Zealand 

This logo mark and secondary brand is intended to reflect the positive idea of generosity and giving in New Zealand. Philanthropy New Zealand’s primary role is to provide guidance and leadership to people and organisations that want to help make the world a better place.

Te Tira Whakamātaki, Lincoln University

This logo mark for Te Tira Whakamātaki, the newly established Maori Biosecurity Network at Lincoln University, talks to the idea of leadership and mana but also of the support of others through a network. The mark uses the contrast of one large confident shape that guides and gives support to the smaller, cluster of shapes.  The shapes are intended to represent the physical landscape of New Zealand, with the mountain as the central form.

Donna Williams, Massage Therapist

Donna Williams Massage Therapy needed a simple brand that would appeal to both men and women and be restful, contemporary and simple to use. The logo mark was primarily designed to work well on letterpress cards and vouchers, as well as on signage.

AWIS – Women in Science conference

A conference aimed at women in science in New Zealand. AWIS wanted a playful logo mark and brand that sat well alongside their strap line Absolutely Positively Science. The simple geometric shape of the logo provided a graphic nod to science and the bold use of colour kept it playful and contemporary.

GM Accounting

Wellington accounting company GM Accounting needed a brand refresh. A light and fresh brand that needed to be easy to use and work well with the Chartered Accountants brand requirements.

Allan Wilson at Otago, Otago University

This logo mark was designed for a small research entity within the University of Otago called Allan Wilson at Otago.  The name of Allan Wilson was critical to the logo mark. The logo needed to sit alongside Otago University’s logo and work well on presentations and display material as it would be seen predominantly at public events.