Suncorp New Zealand

Suncorp Group is the parent company for Asteron Life, and Vero here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Suncorp and their intermediated brands provide financial services to New Zealanders.

Fortyfive manages the brand of all three brands, Suncorp, Asteron Life, and Vero. Shown here are examples of the breadth of work we do across these brands – including brand development, corporate and promotional material, illustration and infographics, and large-scale typesetting of documents and forms.


Vero New Zealand commissioned a new series of Risk Flyers to aid customers in maintaining best practise in regards to business risk. There are two levels of the flyers, one set outlining risks to specific businesses and one set clarifying techonologies and products that cause risk. Overall there were over 50 flyers designed (and counting)!

The icons had to coexist with the existing Vero Icon set and use the same brand identity. The purpose of the new icons serves multiple reasons. Firstly, to be strong enough to stand alone on individual Risk Flyers. And secondly, to work effectively with text to give clarity to the information.

You can see the icons in action here.

Asteron Life

Asteron Life is an extensive brand spanning over multiple different touchpoints. Fortyfive has been responsible for designing and upholding the Asteron Life brand for years. The outputs range from corporate documents, banners, to type-heavy products and forms for customer use.