Te Ahumairangi

National Library of New Zealand

Fortyfive Design regularly designs material for the National Library of New Zealand, including exhibition design, promotional material and wayfinding.

This short video provides insight into the names of the spaces within the National Library of New Zealand’s ground floor and gives particular emphasis to Te Ahumairangi, the physical environment the Library is situated in and also the mural of the same name by Cliff Whiting. This video was intended to act as dynamic signage for these spaces and was a collaboration with Teaspoon Animation and musicians from within the Library.

The other example shown is a bi-lingual brochure and poster about the separation of Rangi and Papa as represented in the mural by Cliff Whiting, Te Ahumairangi. The brochure when folded to dle size has a Maori and an English version of the brochure text. The brochure folds out into a large poster.